Anastasija Pavić (born 1998) is a multimedia artist residing and creating in Belgrade. She holds a degree in New Media Art from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Belgrade. In her artistic practice, Pavić navigates contemporary themes, exploring post-cyber feminism, consumerism, interpersonal dynamics, and the impacts of technological evolution on self-perception and identity. She has actively contributed to numerous exhibitions in Serbia and abroad, showcasing her work in four solo shows and participating in online exhibitions supported by The Wrong Biennale and Ars Electronica. She finds her expression through performance, video, photography, writing and art direction. Between 2021 and 2024, Pavić was represented by gallery Novembar in Belgrade, and now works as an independent artist. In the year 2023 she was selected as a finalist for the Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos Young Visual Artist Award which is organised in collaboration with the Residency Unlimited in New York. Her artistic contributions have found recognition in prominent publications, including Elle and Fraulein magazine, as well as Serbian art magazines such as Manek and Selfi.


Solo Exhibitions

  • “Dear Boss,“ with Alma Gačanin at Novembar Gallery curated by Ana Simona Zelenović and Maja Petrović, Belgrade 2022
  • “Babygirl“ at KC Dorćol curated by Dunja Petković, Belgrade 2022
  • “NEW BODY“ at Belgrade Youth Centre curated by Marina Marković, 2021
  • "NEW BODY" at SKC Kragujevac curated by Marina Marković, 2022

Group Exhibitions

  • "Arcadia" at Queer Museum Vienna curated by Ana Simona Zelenović, 2023
  • The Wrong Biennale, "Adam and Eve" pavilion curated by Jorge Selles, 2023
  • "The Rotten Smell is You" at Kunsthalle Bratislava curated by Jelisaveta Rapaić, 2023
  • Serbian Queer movie night at Sexyland World, Amsterdam 2023
  • Mangelos finalists exhibition at Remont Gallery, Belgrade 2023
  • "NFT for women" at Museum of Contemporary Art of Republic of Srpska, supported by UN, Sarajevo 2023
  • 31.Memorial of Nadežda Petrović curated by Siniša Ilić and Bojan Djordjev, Čačak 2022
  • "Under Your Gaze" at U10 art space curated by Jovana Trifuljesko, Belgrade 2022
  • "A(r)tlantis" curated by Teodora Marković at Novembar Gallery, Belgrade 2022
  • "In corpore sano" at Novembar Gallery curated by Ana Simona Zelenović, Belgrade 2021
  • "ARTikulacije II" at Women's Prison-Hotel Sloboda curated by Ivana Ivkovic and Tanja Juričan, National Museum Pancevo 2021
  • "BEO AIR" awarness project at Studio106LA, online exhibition curated by Dea Cvetković 2020
  • ART Gallery online section of the festival- Ars Electronica 2020
  • “Group exhibition / K +” at KIBLA curated by Zoran Todorović, Maribor 2020
  • "InFLUenca" at Podroom Gallery KCB curated by Zoran Todorović and Vladimir Nikolić, Belgrade 2020
  • "What will happen next?" supportedby Heartefact fund curated by Mrđan Bajić and Biljana Srbljanović, Belgrade 2019
  • ULUS Annual Spring Exhibition “Where does the future begin?” at Cvijeta Zuzorić Pavilion curated by Mirjana Dragosavljević, Belgrade 2019
  • "Hard Pressed" at Magacin Kraljevića Marka curated by Dunja Petković, Belgrade 2019
  • "Leaving the safe regime" at Goethe Institute curated by Zoran Todorović and Bojana Matejić, Belgrade 2018
  • "Crowd in the city" at KC Grad curated by Luka Cvetković, Belgrade 2018