Oral fixation

performance in collaboration with Alma Gačanin

The materialized vision unites all contemporary female subjectivity tropes, the revengeful woman, lover, labourer, artist and feminist. In the age that insists on consistency to individualism, woman is a hybrid creation that encapsulates all her possible forms. By blurring the lines of clear separation between "Jackie or Marilyn", it is a given that each woman embodies both, thus becoming the perfectly balanced by utilizing the strategies of subversive affirmation, that is, overemphasized identification with ideologies and regimes that are the subject of questioning, along with evident irony and parody, the artists establish the modus operandi of united feminist action. From there, a deviation from mere discursive platforms for creating dialogue on topics around the issues and problems of feminism can be observed, and an attempt to establish possible prototypes, that is, desired examples of solidary feminist artistic, but also curatorial, engagement.- Maja Petrović, art historian


 Robot Wife: Naturally, I was curious, so I unlocked his phone and read it.

Hey, booboo, hope you had a good weekend. Can’t wait to see you at work and wrap my lips around your…

I dropped the phone. 

Amber: Hahaha you can’t totally hate Mondays when having an affair at work. While we’re at it, I’ve been quite depressed lately, overperforming is taking its toll. I feel like I am working even when I am having an orgasm. I started seeing a therapist as well, Instagram can’t heal depression. And therapy is hard work, it’s not having a coffee.

Oral fixation at Gallery Novembar 2022, photography by Marijana Janković